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Systems Courses

Graduate Level

CS 728: Topics on Datacenter Design
CS 725: Topics in Language-Based Software Security
CS 723: Topics on ML Systems
CS 522: Principles of Computer Systems
CS 471: Advanced Multiprocessor Architecture
CS 460: Systems for Data Management and Data Science
CS 453: Concurrent Algorithms
CS 452: Foundations of Software
CS 451: Distributed Algorithms
CS 438: Decentralized Systems Engineering
CS 422: Database Systems
CS 412: Software Security
COM 407: TCP/IP Networking
COM 405: Mobile Networks
COM 402: Information Security and Privacy
EE 733: Design and Optimization of Internet-of-Things Systems
EE 543: Advanced Wireless Receivers
EE 472: Smart Grids Technologies
EE 442: Wireless Receivers: Algorithms and Architectures
EE 431: Advanced VLSI Design
EE 429: Fundamentals of VLSI Design
MICRO 617: Energy Autonomous Wireless Smart Systems

Undergraduate Level

CS 358: Making Intelligent Things
CS 323: Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 322: Introduction to Database Systems
CS 307: Introduction to Multiprocessor Architecture
CS 306: Software Development Project
CS 305: Software Engineering
CS 234: Technologies for Democratic Society
CS 212: System Programming Project
CS 209: Computer Architecture II
CS 208: Computer Architecture I
CS 206: Parallelism and Concurrency
COM 208: Computer Networks
EE 334: Digital Systems Design